Between the Heavenly Gates

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Between the Heavenly Gates In a little road in the alleyways of Minnesota a house was on fire. That fire quickly spread to a blazing flame. Then the flame burned everything to rubble. The only two people who lived in the house were a girl and her mother. The girl was fifteen and was out partying, as usual. The mother was at work, working her long twelve hour shift. No one was there, everyone was apparently okay. So everyone thought… Jade Painter’s eyes were as cold as the icy waters in the Artic as she saw the remains of her house. She was in her boyfriend’s, Bryan James, car. His expression didn’t change, it never did. “You never went there anyways, you never did,” he whispered calmly with an intriguing smirk on his face. “You were always out; did you even know your mother?” “How can you even begin to say that?” she cried. Jade’s body was obviously shaking and she could see Bryan laughing viciously. “What? You don’t care, do you? You never care about anything, at least in my life anyway. It’s always you, always,” she muttered under her breath. “You know what, for that you’re going to find somewhere else to go tonight. You know, I don’t care,” he exclaimed with a sarcastic tone in his voice. Then Bryan stopped the car. “Get out of my car, Painter.” Brayan commanded like she should obey him. “Do it now.” Jade got out of the car obviously shaken and crying and was trying to find somewhere to sleep in the ruins. She finally found her broken down bed in the rubble. Jade went to bed quickly because she worried what her mother would say when she got home. Her mother always overreacted. Jade put her burnt cover over her shaken self and rested. “Jessica Autumn Marie Painter, what have you done?” She heard he... ... middle of paper ... ...s too bad for you.” He struck her and released the knife on Steven. Before Jade knew what even hit her, every thing went black. But then, things got lighter. Neither of them where seeing though, exactly. Their eyes were shut. Everything in the world got instantly clear, and as they appeared in the other world all they could see were each other. “You can be anything you ever wanted to be.” The voice was able to be heard by both of them but it was in their heads. Jade’s short black hair which Jade always hated grew longer and lighter. She was staring into center of Steven’s grey eyes as they changed to a color matching her own. His clothes, which were always torn up changed into a nice pair of jeans and a tee shirt right before her eyes. Without her even feeling it her short, torn up dress changed to a long, floor length dress. “Steven, wh-what happened?”

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