Better Technology Means Better Education

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Better Technology Means Better Education

In recent years computers have opened many new opportunities for students and teachers. Technology has advanced past books and black boards. There are more and more computers going into schools everyday. With the world changing into a computer world teaching how do to use technology is necessary. With the new tools that teachers use learning for students is not only more interesting but, more fun. The Internet has helped education leaps and bounds. With the Internet we are able to take classes online from hundreds of miles away while still feeling like you are in the classroom. Distance learning is very accessible in this day and age. With the distance learning older people who have to work can now get educated in there own home on there own time. Also with the Internet students can research many verities of subjects in a short amount of time. New software makes learning easy for even the youngest of grades. Computers in the classroom are a vital and necessary component to making a students education enjoyable and educational.

Today’s schools are getting better equipped with technology. There are more computers going into schools than ever before. Teachers are now learning how to use computer programs to make learning easier of students. GIS [1] is a great tool to help students know their surrounding areas and any distant place that sparks their interests. Without this tool teachers would only be able to show students pictures in books but with GIS the students can interact with the environment. The students can see almost first hand on what the real world life is like. GIS not only gives a better understanding of geographic places but also, teaches the students mo...

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...ry Monday threw Friday at 9 am she has calculus with Brian Snyder over the television. She is able to get college credit while still in high school! This is an opportunity that would not be possible without the advanced technology today. That is a great help to getting a great education.

Computers and technology have changed education in many ways. Students now have more access to computers to utilize the vast knowledge that is out there. With helpful teaching programs students can interact with what they are learning and get a more rounded education. The Internet provides endless knowledge at the click of a button. Articles and information that once were unreachable are now in our grasp. Videoconferences and interactive television open opportunity that was thought to be impossible. The better the technology gets the better education will become.
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