Betraying and Lying in Othello by William Shakespeare

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Betraying and lying have become the root of all evil today. People have made it an everyday thing to lie and betray people just because they like to see people broken in misery. People also lie and betray people because of jealousy they may have towards them. The tragedy of Othello explains why some people are not trustworthy. Just because some people feel like they are miserable, they try everything in their power to make the other individual miserable as well. Enemies come in different colors, shapes, and forms, making it difficult for you to pick out who the ones that is worth trusting. The author uses Characterization, conflict, and themes to tell about the deceitful ways a person has, and all the harm it causes to people to be betrayed and lied to.
Pain, misery, and untruthfulness are a keen description of Iago. Iago causes pain in a lot of the characters life because he is unhappy about his life; Therefore, Iago is the main problem in everyone’s life. In Othello the main characters are Othello, Desdemona, Iago, and Cassio. Iago causes great conflict between Othello and Desdemona, along with Cassio and Othello. Iago causes all the conflict because he is angry at Othello for making Cassio lieutenant. After Iago put his plan in action he led Othello to a great depression, which caused Othello to do things that he never would have done with a pure mind. Othello will regret that he ever listened to the things that Iago led him to believe. Othello started to feel like he can not live with knowing he had taken the life of the one person he loved over something someone he thought he could trust, and have a close bond with. Othello did not know everything he was being told was all a lie. It hurt Othello in the end...

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...they are all the time. Some people will tell people a lot of things that may sound right but is not right and cloud their judgment and make a mockery out of them. You will never know what a person’s agenda is because everyone’s intentions are not always positive of good. Some people were born to be a trouble maker and bring pain, misery and hell to people’s lives. That’s why they say never believe everything you hear. My overall paper is about how betrayal, lies, and jealousy can turn your life upside down and have individuals doing things they may regret. Betrayal can cause a person problems such as separation of families and friends, unexpected deaths, or lost of trust. On a daily basis people are betrayed, hurt and lied from people they have developed a close bond with. They lie and hurt the people that they will need when everything gets tough.
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