Betrayal Of Trust In The Film Cinderella

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Lies, manipulation, neglect, and abuse, what do these things all have in common? It turns out more than one might think. All four of these things is a betrayal of trust from one person to another person. Betrayal of trust is a commonly recurring theme in the story of Cinderella. One of the original written stories of Cinderella is told by the Grimm brothers, well known german folklorists. There are many ways that one can commit a betrayal of trust. A person betrays another’s trust by lying to them, tricking them, or trying to use them for their own personal gain. Another betrayal of trust is that of neglect and abuse. The one abusing the other is betraying the trust they had placed in them. All of these is betrayal, for
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When someone says that they will do something one trusts them to do it, and when they do not that is betraying the trust that has been placed on them. This is the betrayal of lying. In today 's society people lie all the time to everybody and everything. IN the movie Maid In Manhattan which is a modern day retelling of the Cinderella story the main character lies a lot. She claims to be someone she is not, saying that she is rich and powerful when she is truthfully only a maid. When the male character asks her to dance she goes with the intent of telling him the truth but ends up being intimate with him. This is a large betrayal as she not only lied to him about who she was but she also used him, before planning on leaving him. This is a betrayal of trust and in the movie it shows how people react to these betrayals of trust. People react by leaving, not communicating with the liar, and not trusting them…show more content…
There are shows on tv that are all about nothing but lies, manipulations and neglect. Society is being desensitized to the horrors that are these betrayals of trust. By doing this the dynamics of society are changing. It is easier for people to become abusive and in harmful situations, the divorce rates are rising and it is all because people are betraying others trust. Having one’s trust betrayed makes people suspicious of others, and this is what causes wars, and other atrocities to happen. If society continues on this path of betrayal the world could very well end up in another cycle of wars, and
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