Best Friends Essay

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“You can always talk to me about anything!” This is what most people hear from newly made friends who usually become best friends at some point or another. But the real question is is that statement we always hear true? The point of friendship is to have someone to talk to, have them be there for you and to share experiences with you, at least that’s how I’ve been viewing it since Kindergarden. The underlying basis is that we have friends so we can listen to one another, and we are equally suppose to listen to one another about the things we find exciting and bothersome. But what happens when we find out that it was false hope we had in our friends when we found out that their excitement to hear about our problems wasn’t really sincere. At…show more content…
The term itself can be hard to break down, but if people really think about it, they can see that they’ve only said it because it was a typical reaction we have all grown up to learn. Growing up most of us were taught that we need to be nice to one another and care for each other’s feelings. We don’t want to make others feel bad and we need to help encourage those who are down. Yet, once we hit around the age of our teens, we have become so robotic that we don’t even fully understand the things we are saying to each other anymore. We learned at a young age that when we make friends we should tell them how we’ll always be there for them and that we’ll be there to listen to them. But after saying the same thing for years and years, it has come to lose its true meaning. We begin to say it out of habit rather than out of sincerity. We begin to see it when we go to our friends with real problems and with things that truly bother to only be brushed off their shoulder. People see that their friends aren’t really interested in their situation and give very little to no advice on how to resolve the problem. Thus creating the problem of having a false sense of security in our…show more content…
We make friends expecting them to bring some substance to the conversations we have with them about our problems, but in all honesty, a majority of the time they have no real advice to give besides, “You’ll make it, just stay positive.” And to that begins the downward spiral of a doomed friendship. Without anything to go off of it makes it very hard to continue to go back to friends for advice when in the past they have a history of kind of sucking at it. This is when we see our friends true colors and start to notice how much they really plan on contributing to this friendship we have. It’s easy to see what they like to talk about versus what they don’t. Thus making it remarkably easy to detect when they aren’t truly interested in your problems. Also to keep in mind, a majority of the world thinks that we are to blame ourselves because we should have seen it coming from the beginning. So when the spiral begins, all we can really do is just sit back and
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