Best Dates Ever

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Derpo, Shiera mae B. D2HRM – Ms. Rebong “Best Dates Ever” Walking hand in hand, my king and I, past guardsmen headed to defend the palace from us, past scared servants still carrying platters of jollyjellies, fried wondercrumpets and tarty tarts into the White Queen’s dining room. The heavy double doors blew apart, a wall crumbled and a horde of my card soldiers charged through the blasted opening with swords raised. Standing amid the crumbled stones and splinters of wood was a nightmare people of the queendom had never seen before. “Off with their heads!” I screamed. “Off with their stinking, boring heads!” Yes, I made an imaginary scene of my version of Alice in Wonderland, a much brutal, bloody and gruesome version. I would be playing as the Red Queen, the arch-enemy of Alice and my boyfriend as the Mad Hatter who would be my king later on. If only he would approve of my obsession about producing and filming my very own Alice, it is going to be one of our best dates ever. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fond of fictional stories, of fantasies about fa...
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