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There are many companies out there, that are spread throughout the world, one of those companies is Best Buy. Best Buy is best known for selling computers, laptops and televisions. Is there more than just that. There are more questions that many want answers to. Like who is in charge, what much to they make a year, how do they make decisions, how many people do they have working from them. Sound of Music was founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze. This store was mostly known for audio specialty. At Sound of Music was later renamed to the name everyone knows, Best Buy. Also, in 1983 the store was rebranded from audio specialty to consumer electronics. They even opened their first super store in 1983. Their first superstore opened in Burnsville, Minnesota. In 1989 Best Buy wanted to expand their retail even more, and they sure did. They launched a warehouse style. Through the years Best Buy had many changes in their logo the one most known is a yellow tag with the company’s name (Best Buy Co. Inc.) in the middle all in blue. There has been changes since but not many. Best Buy has...

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