Beowulf Essay

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Monsters, battles and heroes. They are general themes found in many stories and poems. But one epic poem that has influenced a lot of writers, like Tolkien, is Beowulf. Beowulf is an old English epic poem. It is an oral narrative written around 500 A.D. It is set during the Anglo-Saxon period, with the invasion of the island of Britain by the Scandinavians and Anglo-Saxons. Beowulf depicts the Anglo- Saxon and Scandinavian society based on their values of bravery, nobility, gender inequality, and the influence of Christianity. Based on Beowulf, The Anglo-Saxons and Scandinavian society honored the values of bravery and nobility. Beowulf is described as the bravest person in the world. The author of the poem says that he is “stronger than anyone anywhere in this world. “ To show Hrothgar his bravery Beowulf claims that he “drove five great giants into chains,” “swam in the blackness of night, hunting monsters out of the ocean, and killing them one by one.” “Now Grendel” and Beowulf “are called Together.” His words explain to the reader that he has fought with evil and has won eve...
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