Bennett Hollar Man

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I believe that there are several different ways of changing our actions when it comes to this normative business question. Since, the material can still be used, I believe that there are two different options that we, as Americans, could take. In dealing with countries and businesses oversees, I would suggest that we sell our clothes, similar to a Plato’s Closet here in the states. If we sell our clothes cheap here, then the seller in the foreign country can sell these clothes and make a surplus without having to pay for the extra pricing that producing the clothes would cost. This lowers the cost of the clothes in other countries. In order for another countries textile industry to flourish, we must not sell all of our clothes to them cheap. With the remaining clothes, I believe we should use them in future clothing by recycling them so that the same material can be used again to produce new clothes. While I think donations can be greatly appreciated, in order to empower the people of foreign countries, we must stop destroying their own economies by providing free goods for the poor. In my personal opinion, I believe that aid organizations should do their best in aiding the particular region that they are dealing with by helping them in all the ways that they possibly could. I would assume that the way these aid organizations acquired these goods was by accepting donations and then paying for these supplies in the United States. I would suggest that the organization purchase their medical supplies and equipment from within the region that they are located. If they do this, they still are able to provide cheap medical care, but they are also not stunting this particular area of the economy. I believe that in all businesses, ri... ... middle of paper ... ... economy as we have now. There have been many recessions where the economy has been hurt, but for the most part, the American economy, due to free enterprise and entrepreneurship has become wealthy economically. The economic pie that the US started with has grown exponentially because of the diligence and hard working spirit of American men and women. The one thing to notice with this pie is that there is still poverty in the US. While, it is not as severe as other countries, there is still poverty. It is very difficult to solve all economic problems living in a world where things break, people refuse to work, and other extraneous variables affect the work place. So, I believe that enterprise can make a substantial impact in reducing the amount of poverty and the severity of poverty, I do not believe that poverty will be completely destroyed until Christ returns.

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