Benjamin O Davis

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Benjamin O Davis Jr.

Where They Are From
Benjamin O Davis Jr. was born in Washington, D.C on December 18, 1912. His father was Benjamin O Davis Sr. and his mother was Elnora Dickerson Davis. His father like him had many accomplishments he was the first black general in the air force. Sadly his mother died giving birth to the third child when Benjamin O Davis Jr. was only four. When he was 13 years old he attended a barnstorming exhibition at Bolling Field in Washington D.C. One of the pilots there let him ride in his plane and that’s what got him into flying and he was determined to learn how to become a pilot.
Because his father was moving around cause of military dues he attended Central High School in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from there in 1929. He first went to college at Western Reserve University for one year then moved to go to the University of Chicago. But he still wanted to be a military pilot so he contacted the only black serving in the congress and he got him a spot at West Point in New York. But at the school he faced challenges no one in at the school would talk to him, sit with him and eat, and no one was his roommate. But he graduated 35th in his class of 278. After that he got second lieutenant he became one of only 2 every black officers in the army the other one being his father.

Jobs they have had
Benjamin O Davis didn’t have any outside jobs. From when he was 13 till he was dead his whole life he wanted to be a pilot. He as a American United States Air Force general and he was a WWII Tuskegee Airman commander.
Benjamin O Davis had many accomplishments. One being that he was the first African American General in the Army, another he has flown 60 missions in 4 different...

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... the Army Air Corps because he was black so he was sent to an all black unit. And became a commander of the Tuskegee Airmen and he became a commander in Korea. Also he did a lot for his community like how he became an aero space instructor in the place where he grew up. Overall he was a very great and accomplished man that did a lot in the time that he had. And he died happy too he was born in D.C and died in D.C and it was ironic because he died on July 4th 2002 at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. I really liked learning a lot more about Benjamin O Davis and I will remember him for what he did to serve our country.

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