Benjamin Franklin's Accomplishments Of Ben Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin achieved many accomplishments in the duration of his life. He was an inventor, author, politician, philosopher, teacher and an amazing role model and mentor to anyone who crossed his path. He was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. He lived to be 84 years old and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended school at Boston Latin School and had 16 siblings. Ben Franklin was an amazing man, scholar and friend. One of Franklin's many professions was an inventor. Instead of wanting to make a profit from his inventions, Ben shared the tools and gadgets he made to protect citizens and worshipping destinations. Some of his greatest inventions were the lightning rod, Bifocal glasses, glass harmonica, hHand paddle, the franklin stove and Franklin's electrostatic machine. The lighting rod was a metal or wire rod attached to an open part of a building or tall structure to divert lightning into the ground in attempt to prevent damage to the structure. Another popular invention of his was Franklin's bifocals were a pair of glasses with one lense for faresight vision and the other for near vision. It was very useful for people whose…show more content…
He published his first almanac under the name Richard Saunders on December 19, 1732. This almanac was produced annually for the next 25 years. It contained calendars, weather predictions, poems, demographics, sayings and famous quotes that we know to this day. It included recipes, advice, and proverbs. Almanacs were considered the most read pieces of literature in the early colonies. Some interesting quotes from the book are: “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead”. “Love your enemies for they will tell you your faults”. These quotes and other ideas mentioned in this almanac should be treasured by all because they put your mind into a new and fascinating perspective and it makes you question common thoughts that surround your
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