Benjamin Franklin

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If you look at all the famous heroes in history what do you think is one of the best ones in the hall? Benjamin Franklin was a hero because he helped people and was a founding father in the American Revolution which was a great dead that deserves praise. Benjamin Franklin did loads of interesting things in his lifetime. Here are a few examples of why he is important but first some back story. Ben was born as the 8th child in the family and had 2 moms and a dad however one mom died before Ben was born. Ben spent his time as a child reading or was outside like everyone else but Ben however something no other kid had and that was a job. Ben grew up quickly as well as developed skills quickly to help people. Ben ran away from home at a really young age and with that his legend began in the town of Philadelphia. He signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution which shaped the way America was made. He had great arguing skills and argued for American people which made him important in forming the words of a document has he was able to write down what he thought America wanted (Schlinger and Fish). Ben thought things through unlike others which made him valuable in thinking of the words so he could see what needed clarification (Schlinger and Fish). He had written many documents before the constitution and Declaration such as a newspaper and an almanac that had more than what a normal almanac has so he was able to wright documents easy (Schlesinger and Fish). This proves it as he was important enough to sign two important documents that changed the America and how it would be and live forever. He is a man who helps people in need and a person that helps people is considered a hero. He had many talents so he could take o... ... middle of paper ... in growing up as well as aid the world. Lastly he was able to help people with their lives through not only work but homemade goods for shopping and allowing people to borrow money. Benjamin Franklin was a hero that will always be remembered for only finding lightning however he is a hero from so much Works Cited "Benjamin Franklin." Britannica School. Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., 2014. Web. 22 May 2014. . Block, Seymour Stanton. "Benjamin Franklin: America's Inventor." American History Vol. 40, No. 6. Feb. 2006: 38+. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 22 May. 2014. Schlesinger Jr., Arthur M.Fish, Bruce DurostFish, Becky Durost. "Benjamin Franklin: American Statesman, Scientist, & Writer." Benjamin Franklin: American Statesman, Scientist, & Writer (2000): 6. Biography Collection Complete. Web. 22 May 2014.
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