Benjamin Franklin

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INTRODUCTION Benjamin Franklin was born in Milk Street, Boston on January 6, 1706. Throughout his existence Franklin exemplified a life of self-improvement. His eagerness to improve himself trickled over into his eagerness to help others improve themselves. Franklin was the youngest son of his father’s 17 children. Coming from such an enormous family, his education ended at the age of ten years old. At the age of twelve Franklin began to work alongside of his brother James. When the two of them did not get along, Franklin soon left and headed to New York for a short time and eventually moved to Philadelphia. This move to Philadelphia leads Mr. Franklin to a series of diverse jobs. After several attempts at mismatched jobs, Benjamin Franklin took up headship with his own printing business. This is where his attempt at self-improvement came into fruition. Starting from the time he was a boy until his death on April 17, 1790, Franklin’s willingness to improve himself incorporated thirteen moral virtues for self-improvement. From temperance to humility, Franklin made these apart of how he lived his life. The following pages will provide specific examples of Benjamin Franklin’s attempt to motivate others to a life of self-improvement. Although Franklin did not master these tools himself they were used as a guide to set a tone in the life of his son as well as others who deemed them suitable enough for their lives. Upon reading the autobiography from the beginning, it does not immediately delve into instructions of self-improvement. As it gets further down into the autobiography, the questions are then answered on how successful was Franklin in his attempt to motivate others? Benjamin Franklin’s Guide to Self-Improvement... ... middle of paper ... ...layed a key role in improving his life. He gave instructions on everything from temperance to humility. Temperance focused on man’s ability to constrain himself. While humility comes from a place of self-effacement. BIBLIOGRAPHY Brett & Kate McKay. A Man's life, on virtue. (accessed March 15, 2012). Collier, Charles W Eliot LLDP F, and Son Company. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Murphy, Daniel. Benjamin Franklin's self-improvement project. E: (accessed March 16, 2012). (Brett & Kate McKay n.d.) Works Cited . Brett & Kate McKay, A Man's life,on virtue, (accessed March 15, 2012). . CHARLES W ELIOT LLDP F COLLIER and COMPANY SON, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.
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