Benefits of animal testing in the field of medicine

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The medication you are taking was tested on animals. It might save your life and it may even save the animals’ life. Are you for or against animal testing? animal testing? Animal testing is a phrase that most people have heard but are perhaps still unsure of exactly what is involved. Animal research, it refers to experiments carried out on animals. It is used to assess the safety and effectiveness of medicine, and understanding how the human body works (“Murnaghan”). “The use of animals in scientific research continues to play a vital part developing in improvements in healthcare and the environment. The opportunities presented by scientific advances are used to replace or reduce animal use, and to refine procedures to minimise suffering.” (“Understanding Animal Research”). Animal testing is a controversial subject. Because those who support animal testing may define it as experimentation that uses animals to benefit humans, where it saves lives and provides vital medical treatments. (“Murnaghan”) Animal research has enabled to find treatments for cancer, antibiotics for infections, vaccines to prevent some of the most deadly and weakening viruses and surgery for injuries, illnesses and deformities. (“Do Something”) Despite many animal testing protesters, the benefits of animal testing in the field of medicine for humans outweigh any animal suffering that may occur.
“Without animals, we may not have benefited from advances that have given us the antibiotics, vaccines and anaesthetics that we now take for granted. Blood transfusions might never have been developed. It is difficult to see how we could control diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure, which would cause more suffering and claim more lives. We still need animal...

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... and in what amount, was to measure its ability to lower blood sugar in rabbits. Since insulin overdose is fatal. These extracts were first used in dogs, than in patients in 1922. The development of insulin provided the first treatment for what had been a lethal disease. It is not a cure, but it has kept millions alive since its discovery. (“Speaking of Research”)
Has your opinion changed over the course of reading this? Animal testing in the benefits of medicine has its doubts and its complications, but it is life changing for both humans and animals. Most of our medication are tested on animals, and given to humans; once they see the medicine is safe and non harmful. The animals are bred specifically for testing and research. Our D.N.A. is similar to other animals and can be easier to safely test and we can be more assured when using products and/or medication.

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