Benefits of War

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What is war good for? Are there any beneficial outcomes of war? War is something that can change the entire world in a matter of minutes. War is a tool that can be used to conquer land, annihilate political leaders, and even take out entire groups of people. But other things war can do that benefit a nation are the introduction to new art, literature, and science discoveries. It can set enslaved communities free, can benefit the economy, and can build a sense of nationalism for each country involved. Historian S. B. Luce states that “in the economy of nature, or the providence of God, war is sent, not necessarily for the punishment of national sins, nor yet for national aggrandizement; but, rather, for the forming of national character, the shaping of a people’s destiny, and the spreading of civilization. It is only through long years of severe trials and tribulations” (Luce pp. 672-683). Some individuals feel that the deaths caused by war does not compensate for the benefits that come from it. Although death is a sad and tragic consequence of war, these men and women who die in wars are bestowed with great honor to not only their family, but their entire community. These courageous people enlist into the militia to help defend world peace, and sometimes sacrificing their own lives for the cause. These deaths are not taken in vain, but instead with great appreciation by the benefitting nation for years to come. The American Revolution, World War I, and the Cold War are some of the wars that had significant products, and the honorable military people who died in them are commemorated in history for all eternity.
This first war of discussion is the eighteenth century confrontation known as the American Revolution. This war began as the British colonies in the newly discovered North America began to seek independence from the motherland. After England raised their taxes
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