Benefits of Videoconferencing

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Benefits of Videoconferencing For centuries people have been enslaved in their work and careers. Since the industrial revolution, with the creation of the assembly line and the mass production of products, business owners have enslaved common men and women. Marx and Engels looked at this situation in The Communist Manifesto, the proletariats laboring under cruel and backbreaking conditions for minimal pay. Their relationships with their families become destitute and the exploitation of children occurred in order to bring in money for the family. The enslavement still continues 150 years later with individuals today striving for more material wealth. This effort causes the sacrificing of other important aspects of their life, family cohesiveness and marriages. Divorce rates are at nearly 50% for American marriages, which leaves many children being raised by single parents. This perpetuates the cycle of enslavement by forcing parents to work longer hours in order to support their children. Parallels can be made between American families in the 21st century and the proletariats of the 19th century. Yet, there appears to be hope on the horizon for workers. The hope takes the form of modern technology, more specifically videoconferencing systems. This technological advancement has been made available to the general public in the past five years. Videoconferencing is the technology that allows two or more people at different locations to see and hear each other. Videoconferencing systems require audio-visual equipment such as monitors, cameras, microphones and speakers and also, a means of transmitting information between the two points, including Internet and telephone connections. T... ... middle of paper ... ...rial Revolution. In Thoreau's work, Walden, he states that, "…the laboring man has not leisure for a true integrity day by day; he cannot afford to sustain the manliest relations to men; his labor would be depreciated in the market." (Thoreau 3) Thoreau believed that work and economic factors enslaved men. He felt they had no time to look inside themselves or spend leisure time. Videoconferencing allows individuals this opportunity. They may be freed from 10-hour workdays at the office and could enjoy quality time with their children and spouses. These benefits may greatly increase the status of marriages and family attachments, two aspects of life, which have been lacking cohesiveness in the Unites States. Workers may feel a sense of individuality and freedom, as a result of videoconferencing, feelings that have been lacking since the days of artisans.
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