Benefits of Studying Buisness and Spanish

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As a lover of all things Spanish, and someone who always keeps their fingers firmly pressed on the pulse on the business world, I believe I am well suited for this course and will be able to offer my enthusiasm and dedication to learning. I have always been fascinated by the rate of advancements in communication technology and the lengths that we go to as a society to make contact faster, easier and more efficient. Due to the globalisation of commerce and the emergence of ever more expansive and international supply chains, there is a growing need for speakers of others languages that can also boast an insight into business strategy. This why I have chosen to couplethe chance t develop my passion for Spanishwith an aspect )of business at University.

When I began studying Spanishfor A-level I was intrigued to learn more aboutSpanish culture and the history of Spain. After reading Paul Preston's The Spanish Holocaust, detailing the genocide in 20th century Spain in which both sides commited acts against humanity, following the golpe de estado n in July 1936 , I began to underst...

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