Benefits of Organic Food

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According to the Organic Trade Organization (OTA), organic food sales increased by 5.1 percent in 2009 as compared to conventional food sales. While Yard House strives to remain viable in the current corporate restaurant industry, we must be attentive to consumers increasing demand for sustainable, fair-trade, and organic products. Due to the market becoming competitive, companies in the restaurant industries must deliver higher quality products, use sustainable practices, and fulfill increased consumer demands while still boosting profit. By implementing slight alterations to our products we will strengthen Yard House’s completive advantage in the restaurant industry and increase profits while continuing to exceed customer expectations for higher quality cuisine. Objective Our proposal is to provide Yard House’s Operations Manager with the necessary information gathered about how implementation of waste reduction and resourceful procedures can vastly promote Yard House in the forefront to fulfill consumer demands for high quality sustainable dining. It is our hope that this prop...
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