Benefits of Leadership

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Leaders will always exist and to be a leader you have to steer people in the right direction. So as long as there are leaders, there will be followers. My high school did not have the typical cliques portrayed on television; there were no cheerleaders or jocks in sports jackets waiting by the lockers. We didn’t have lockers or jock or cheerleaders - period. The social system was very different. But one thing remained the same between the exaggerated version of high school and my 600 people high school in a village in Nigeria. There were popular kids. And three things usually determined why the kids became popular, they had money and so they had things that other people wanted, they were pretty or smart or they were just friendly. The popular kids turned out to be the leader and anywhere there a leaders there are followers. A follower is defined as someone who travels behind someone or something, A lot of people refuse to be identified with this lot because everyone wants to be on top or the “winner” the goal of this paper is to argue that in a leader follower relationship, follo...
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