Benefits of Human Cloning

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Through the continuation of scientific research involved in human cloning, scientists may be able to unlock the mysteries of genetic diseases, and perhaps lead us to new discoveries concerning the human body. As a result of their research into the genetics of human cloning, scientists are hoping that some day they will find the cure for cancer, diabetes, and possibly Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, the pursuit of human cloning research may also include other amazing scientific experiments such as cloning proteins from various types of animals and then transferring these proteins to the cells of an infected human patient which could, in turn, help wipe out or cure their genetic disease. In addition, scientists are continuing to actively engage in the advancement of human cloning research by exploring the idea of cloning stem cells. This research analysis, under consideration, would entail taking stem cells from one person who was a perfect genetic match, and then replacing the stem cells of another person that was paralyzed. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if someone could walk after several years of being paralyzed, and, once again, have the ability to enjoy life with their friends and family?

Subsequently, after investigating the complex subject of cloning and weighing the documented evidence, I feel there will be more positive trends for the future of the controversial cloning debate as opposed to the negative trends. My critical analysis of the evidence will convey how the technology of cloning has evolved on a positive note, in addition to a discussion of the many misconceptions about cloning that we, as humans, perceive as reality generally because of a lack of knowledge.

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