Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms

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1908 words

Even though we may not know it, GMO’s are everywhere. From the trees in a lumberyard, the pets we own, and most common, the food on our plates. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms. They have even been called “part of the fabric of American life” (Lambrecht 3). New controversies have risen up to fight these “deadly” foods. Do we really know what we are eating? Does it even matter? Biotechnologies and altering the characteristics of food have been around for many centuries. These uses were put into use to create useful products such as wine and bread and more recently to create resistant crops and antidotes in the medical field. The difference is that modern biotechnology is now associated with the modification of genes. This is not only limited to food. There are many other practical and useful purposes for this type of engineering. Although recently this use of technology has received a lot of flak and hostility towards these crops that in turn has been holding back on advancement of the foods. Some of these misconceptions about these products are coming from people who don’t yet know how safe the GMO’s really are and don’t understand the possibilities that these foods have. Further innovation could develop into a long and jubilant rapport with genetically modified organisms. Thus, as long as GMO’s are labeled on the products then it is okay to sell them.

We walk into grocery stores everywhere and we see these stickers on our products that say GMO and wonder what GMO’s actually are. These GMO product sticker means the food that we are buying is engineered to be bigger, better tasting, and resistant to disease. In Nova’s movie, Harvest of Fear, they explain how scientists do this by inserting genes or proteins into the DNA o...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that gmo's are genetically modified organisms, which have been used for centuries to create useful products, such as wine, bread, and antidotes in the medical field.
  • Analyzes how nova's movie, harvest of fear, explains how scientists insert genes or proteins into the dna of another plant to modify one gene out of thousands. mutation in nature is a good process.
  • Explains that the use of genetic engineering on organisms first came about in the 1970's when they used bacteria to produce proteins.
  • Argues that the benefits of genetically modified foods outweigh the minor repercussions, such as better taste and less damage to the product.
  • Explains that these "miracle foods" are resistant to almost all pests, such as bacillus thuringiensis, or bt, which has reduced insecticide sprays by 46 million pounds annually since 1996.
  • Explains that genetically modified foods have the potential to solve many world issues and tribulations, such as world hunger.
  • Opines that the pessimism towards gmo's could be contributed from a lot of this erroneous information.
  • Opines that genetically modified foods should not be discriminated against and banned from our diet.
  • Analyzes how genetic engineering is changing what we eat, how we live, and the global politics of food.
  • Explains that "gmo | life is fare." one woman's approach to living life to the fullest by eating happy food.

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