Benefits of Expertise in the Medical Field

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People who decide to become medical doctors need to make several sacrifices. The training is long and difficult. Furthermore, it does not end with school because doctors are required to learn about new problems and advances in the field of medical science for the rest of their lives. However, there is a positive side in becoming a doctor. It is not just about learning complicated procedures and going through rigorous training. Being a doctor means that a person is required to nurture the positive fundamental characteristics of the human mind. Doctors have to be truthful, both to their patients and their patients' relatives. They need to be above discrimination. If doctors practice medicine with a correct attitude and respect towards the oaths taken, they have an opportunity to develop all positive qualities of a human being and improve people's living standards without sacrificing their own.

Becoming an expert in the field of medicine is a long process that will turn away most people, particularly because doctors gain their abilities exclusively by practicing on other people. “The moral burden of practicing on people is always with us, but for the most part unspoken” (Gawade, 2003). Besides the moral burden that is created by practicing on others, when their lives might depend on the doctor's skills, doctors need to constantly keep up with the advances in the field. In addition, they need to adapt to different patients constantly. Even if there are no formal advances in the medical field, the doctor must always remain flexible and accept that something unexpected might happen at any moment. Atul Gawade (2003) states that the incredible pace of advances in medicine do not always keep up with differences which occur in real life s...

... middle of paper ... negative aspects in the medical field, the positive aspects outweigh all the uncertainties and difficulties. They may not be higher in number, but they certainly outweigh the risks and limitations found in the medical profession. The satisfaction of treating people, studying improvements in the field, and passing on that knowledge to future generations makes the difficulties in training and daily practice worthwhile. Besides, the medical profession is often misunderstood and several difficulties arise because of these misconceptions. Society puts significant amounts of pressure on the doctors because of the belief that medicine is perfect and that doctors are infallible. Medicine will always be imperfect and it will always improve. Being a doctor is a great honor because of the opportunity to contribute in developing medical treatments and people's life standards.