Benefits of Digital-S Video at State University

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Benefits of Digital-S Video at State University In this world technology is moving at the speed of light. State University is very far behind in this process. Today’s world is in the digital era. State University is still in the dinosaur world. While searching though for this equipment I have found many different new variations of this equipment. There are a lot of interesting facts like Digital-S video is the highest quality of video offered. Digital-S is the cheapest and most user-friendly editing suite out at this time. Digital-S allows you to perform many different processes at once. You can perform high-quality layers with out it ruining the original copy. This means that you can dub from tape to tape with out losing and generations. Also it is used by in the work force by all the leading television companies. It is used by ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX Network affiliates, Fox News, Fox Sports, and even the nations first licensed all digital television station. State University needs to move ahead in technology and this equipment would be a big, but a much needed one for us. Digital is the leading edge of technology and State University would benefit from it greatly. With this equipment we would be able to train our students on up to date equipment and have better job placements because of this. In my years here at State University I have realized that we aren’t up to date at all. Our students do an internship every spring quarter to get the feel of the work in there field. When they go to the work they aren’t trained enough to help them out. Since we are so far behind they end up learning more in the field then in the classes. If they where to learn at school the stuff they learn at our wor... ... middle of paper ... ...he art institute if this equipment is approved. I would recommend that we receive the equipment in the summer so the teachers can have some time to learn it and then offer just a class for this equipment so the students can learn. As I have said many of times in this report this will be a big step but it will be a helpful step for State University. This will train our students how to work on equipment that is really in the work force. The equipment we are working on right now is very out dated and needs updated as soon as possible. WORK CITED David N Walton. June 1996 David N Walton. June 1996 JVC Professional Products. 1997 VC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY

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