Benefits and Inconvenience of a Globalized World

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The world has had several changed as well as the economy, technology and everything that represent advancement to the humanity. All these things today are being led by the globalization which is, in turn, the free market capitalism with the purpose to create advancement and integration for the world. It is important to say that globalization is neither good nor bad, but it is an idea that has been created for the world’s best. The problem of this idea is that, although it has brought great benefits, the results have been devastating. In terms of firms, the little businesses have been affected by the big ones, bringing as results the closure of them. In environmental issues, it has replaced the recreational area by industrial parks, which has increased the pollution. Globalization has also increased poverty and slum population, exploitation, inequality around the world. One of the principal purposes of globalization is to help businesses to improve in the marketplace. However, how come something that is supposed to bring development has turned into a problem for firms? Let us make an example, if you go to China and you are planning to buy a Chinese Food, but on your way to buy it, you are hit by a typical American fast food known as McDonald. In that moment, perhaps, you will feel more attracted by your home-country food than the foreign one. There is when globalization starts because in that moment, the place where you were going to buy the Chinese Food lost you as a client because of the competition. It is positive that globalization has opened its arms and torn down their barriers allowing business from another country to sell overseas. However, this free market capitalism has brought serious consequences to foreign businesses.... ... middle of paper ... ...t without industrialization, the sources of jobs are limited. As a consequence, the unemployed population increase and the economy decrease as well. Davis claimed that “the Third World now contains many examples of capital-intensive countrysides and labor-intensive deindustrialized cities. “Overurbanization,” in other words, is driven by the reproduction of poverty, not by the supply of jobs” (Davis 16). To sum up, the globalization is not either good or bad but just an idea for the best of the world. It has brought industrialization, technological advancement, employment and development to the cities as well. Although globalization has been a source of good development, it also has had its disadvantages such as increment in poverty and slum population, exploitation, environmental problems, shut down of little business, and inequality around the world.
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