Benefits Of Zoos

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The Benefits of Zoos and Animal Sanctuaries Zoos in the 21st century are beneficial in so many ways. Not only do they provide a safe habitat for mainly rescued animals, but they breed endangered animals for release into the wild. Some species are having much difficulty breeding because their lack of suitable habitats from the destruction of mankind. Every year, numerous animals go extinct. If we had these species in a breeding program in a zoo or sanctuary, we may not have lost them forever. The histories of zoos have not always been the best. They have not always been used for conservation and protection, but most facilities today protect their animals and do what is best for them. Some say that zoos and sanctuaries are bad for the…show more content…
Many zoos today say their main purpose is breeding endangered species in captivity and reintroducing them into the wild (Masci, D., 2000, April 28). Zoos have many benefits, not just for the animals themselves, but also the humans who can enjoy them. People, as a whole, are becoming increasingly distant from nature as we move to bigger cities and away from the wildlife. For many, real experiences with wild animals can only be found in zoos (Masci, D., 2000, April 28). With education comes recognition and worry. The wildlife experiences that people have at well taken care of zoos and aquariums are becoming even more crucial as we continue to urbanize our world (Masci, D., 2000, April 28). Visitors play a major part in the zoo animals’ well-being, relying on donations and the interest of the public to pay for procedures and new exhibits. People come to zoos with specific ideas and thoughts on what they expect to see. If the zoo looks bad, the animals look maltreated, or there is garbage all over the ground, the zoo 's reputation will dissolve and the animals will not thrive and may have to be sold to who knows where (Falk, Reinhard, Vernon, Bronnenkant, Deans & Heimlich, 2007). Zoos need the help of the communities to continue to provide a comfortable environment for their animals. People come to zoos to learn and expand their horizons by seeing animals from all…show more content…
These animals are raised or rehabilitated in exhibits. not unlike their real homes, and then released into their natural habitat when they are ready to move on. There are many situations in which animals need help and a zoo is able to provide them with it. A few situations would include the head-start program which gives the animal a greater survival chance than those born in the natural habitat by giving vaccines and proper diagnosis and care; zoos take care of animals who have been seriously ill or injured in a hunting incident or just an accident in general. According to the AZA, “The last 18 black-footed ferrets were placed in the care of AZA-accredited institutions. Due to the efforts of the AZA Black-footed Ferret SSP Program and other conservation partners, these animals have successfully reproduced and over 700 animals have been reintroduced into in situ population,”(Cohen, J., 2014). The California condors were also dwindling to a mere 23 when AZA stepped in and increased the population to 322 with 172 of those living in the wild. The Karner Blue Butterfly lives in a couple of historic preserves; however, they all disappeared from Ohio in 1992. In 1998, the Toledo Zoo began to breed and reintroduce them all around Ohio (Cohen, J.,
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