Benefits Of Yoga

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For many yoga is a fun way to relax while building strength and flexibility, but yoga is about so much more than that. Yoga is also about peacefulness and spirituality and mental clarity and openness. For those with a passion for yoga, becoming a yoga instructor seems like the logical next step to developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga. I want to become a yoga instructor because I want to help others discover a passion for yoga and all the heath benefits it gives.
There are so many health benefits that one can get from yoga. Janelle, who has been a yoga instructor for years, tells me, “Other than the obvious increase in strength and flexibility, yoga has given me mental clarity, a sense of calm, and openness to life.” The poses that you do in yoga are specifically designed to build muscles and increase flexibility. Doing yoga can help improve one’s posture, help with balance, and help reduce chronic pain, such as back pain and arthritis. Yoga is also greatly beneficial mentally because doing yoga regularly can help relax you and give you a sense of peace and calm. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a dark room while peaceful music is playing and doing yoga. After yoga class participants always leave feeling much more relaxed. Yoga is also about spirituality and finding yourself.
There are many aspects that will change once one takes the step from student to instructor. When I ask if she preferred being an instructor over being a student Janelle says, “I wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, they are both positive in their own way, but when you are an instructor the focus is more on the people in your class and their safety instead of yourself.” When you take a yoga class, your focus should ...

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...committing to owning a studio and teaching yoga full time.
Yoga is great for everyone because it benefits you both physically and mentally. By becoming a yoga instructor I hope to help others discover how beneficial yoga can be. Becoming a yoga instructor also help you have a more complete understanding of yoga both from a spiritual and physical perspective. To become a yoga instructor you must go through two hundred hours of training in the form of many classes and workshops. These classes help you understand yoga better and teach you everything that goes into being an instructor, such as music and planning classes. For most having yoga as a full time career is not possible or practical. Most instructors teach yoga on the side of their full time career. I hope by becoming a yoga instructor I can inspire others to follow the path into becoming a yoga teacher.
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