Benefits Of Year Round School

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According to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, most students who attend a year round school do slightly better in terms of academic achievement than students in a traditional calendar. American Library Association says that nearly 46.3% of the population says, “No, the long summer break is needed” (MSNBC 2013). This clearly shows that almost half of the populations schools could improve their students academic achievement greatly.

Even though it may be beneficial for some public schools to stick with the long summer break, most should switch to year round because it reduces re-teaching and stress among students and teachers, and maintenance cost will reduce.

Year round education seems like a very scary concept for most students, and some parents. But supporter of eight years of year round schooling, Barbara Reichenbach says, “What the school districts really need to do is find a new title for year round school because most people don’t understand the concept. The children are not going to school the entire year, they have vacations, the title ‘year-round’ is misleading”. The students do not actually go to school more days, or year round. The days of actual school days are are the same amount as when a long summer break is implemented. They are spread out among the entire year. They will attend school for a period from six to nine weeks in a row. Next, they will receive two to four week vacations to break up the learning. Kids who attend a year round school are at a slight advantage because they don’t forget the material they previously learned. However, kids who attend a school with almost a three month break are most likely to forget previously learned material.

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...ll need to be in operation mode year round”(Dominican University). This means the cost will increase because schools will need to facilitate staff and students all year round. Although these expenses seem costly, schools operating year round will not have to pay to build, furnish and supply new facilities. Secondly, they will not have to pay cost of hiring new staff, and this will also provide teachers and staff with more job security.
Obviously, year round education should be implemented in public schools. The effects that year round education has on students grades, and stress free environment has taken a big toll on average grades among kids. The cost for a year round school is less than that of a traditional calendar. This is a major benefit for most public schools. It can help parents, teachers, and students achieve a more successful year, all year round!
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