Benefits Of Working Mothers Essay

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Introduction In most families today, mothers have constantly been working since they have jobs and responsibilities in which they have put a lot of effort in order to evolve on their own. A few ladies return to work right after giving birth because they realize their bosses in this nation are not concerned about working mothers who wish to require some time to be with their young children. Ladies have been moving into the workforce for profession fulfilment as well as to find income for their families. However, this may inevitably have positive and negative implications on children’s development. Hence, the question that we can’t help but to ask is, should mothers stay at home and raise their children? Positive Implications According to the…show more content…
A teacher is someone who guides us to succeed and so are mothers. Mothers at home are the first teacher of a child to emulate others’ action as it is the basic skill of learning. A child learns through experiences, watching, listening and so on. Mothers play a big role in shaping them to be a better person by giving advices and guiding them. According to the research by Prof Francesconi, it is said that "Even the children of highly educated mothers who go back to full-time work early will have lower educational attainment (Carvel, 2003). As a result, if mothers spend most of the time on working, children will face difficulties in learning as they don’t have proper guidance. This is the reason why children with working mothers have poor level of…show more content…
However, they also affect children’s early development besides creating communication barriers between mother and children. Although working mothers contribute positive implications on children yet they should also consider negative implications they have on their children as they work. Thus, as an alternative, working mothers should organize their schedule carefully so that they have time to communicate with children. Working mothers can fetch their children from school on their own instead of hiring a driver. This will enable children to look forward to sharing their exciting stories in school with their mother right after school. So, this is a good opportunity to avoid communication barriers with them and also to improve children’s
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