Benefits Of Working In Partnership

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There are many proverbial justifications for working in partnership: “it takes two flints to make a fire” Louise May Alcott, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller, “It takes a village” …and so and so on. Working in partnership can be beneficial for many reasons. It can help one reach new audiences, gain access to expertise, or even strengthen a relationship (National 2014). Partnerships however can be complex and require a great deal of consideration. When working in partnership one must consider common goals as a well as the differences. It is most helpful when a partnership is based on complimentary skills and needs. It is important that the partnership does not compromise the basic principles of either party. For example if one organization works for the ethical treatment of animals they may not feel comfortable working with an organization that promotes animal testing. There are many benefits to working in partnership but it is essential when considering partnerships to reflect on all aspects, both positive and negative, of the pairing.
According to Penny Wilson Head of Community Affairs, University of Cambridge, “most problems [with partnerships] are caused by how organizations work differently day to day- e.g. delayed invoices….(National 2014)”. One must consider time constraints, accessibility to appropriate parties, and organizational hierarchies. Wilson (National 2014) highlights changes in staff as a possible obstacle. If this occurs one must be ready to communicate with new staff members and assess the viability of the partnership. Partnerships can also be threatened by a lack resources such as time or funding or a lack commitment from a partner. This lack of commitment may indicate a dif...

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...ted dance space meant that we had trouble finding spaces to work. I had allocate time and effort to researching spaces throughout the county that are appropriate for dance classes and workshops. Another constant threat was the understanding that the arts are not a priority for this organization. Funding and budgets were a constant worry and I had to be vigilant about finding funding sources and creating projects that were sustainable, efficient and productive.
With proper planning, consideration, and communication my project was a moderate success. With reflection and evaluation it was a useful learning experience for both of us. As a result of that partnership I have a deeper understanding of what works for me. I continue to work in partnership with organization in varying capacities and every experience provides me with a chance to learn something new.
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