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Everyone can create visual arts. One hundred years ago, mostly men, had been relatively accepted to have the skill to on their own be able to do art. It unfortunately was widely believed that creativity came from men and that women could not be created. Some even believed that pieces that a woman put their work were unintentionally credited to have unfortunately been painted by relatives or tutors. This was all done to hold a woman back from what they could do, however some still achieved for a time what they sought. These women created masterpieces that we still have to understand. Some have been lost for years under a male’s name or lost altogether and all that it left is descriptions. Today we have to decide how we are looking at these art…show more content…
Those that are reviewed most of it are artists themselves because only those that do not live in big cities or where the art is created do not get to see it. Even if museums are in the area where you live, it may take more effort to go see the art than some feel that should have to sadly be spared to see it. The museums to see that art are a bit expensive and looking at renowned pieces on the internet or in books is not the same. Everyone should at least be allowed to see art pieces and cities are starting to put sculptures outside on the side of the road in some cities. There are a lot more artists now than there have been in the past; however most of the population probably could not mention the name of a painter or photographer. Art is not as important to people and they are not around it as much as it the past when salons help art pieces. There are some that love an artist work but have no way of finding out their name for whatever reason. Art is not portrayed or held at the same level as it once was. “Western art historians deploy various methods of artistic analysis, describing and interpreting works of art within prescribed theoretical frame-works” (Capistrano-Baker). We have had our own way of evaluating art and artist and it has spread. It has also changed over time from what it was depending on where it arrived and how long it was there for. Some completely rejected the western idea

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