Benefits Of Video Games Essay

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Nowadays video games get nothing but bad reputations from people. You have people in powerful positions saying that video games have nothing but bad effects and that they only promote violence and lead to children acting out on that violence. Who are the people listening to these people in powerful positions? Parents. Some Parents have this misunderstanding that all video games are bad and that all video games have a negative effect on their child and how they develop. Some parents with that understanding are misinformed and need to understand just how beneficial video games can actually be for their children. Although some parents think that video games offer nothing but negative effects, they are actually really beneficial to kids and…show more content…
Video games have been proven to help kids deal with stress and anger. An article written in the Psychiatric Times by Cheryl K. Olson, Lawrence Kutner, and Eugene V. Beresin who all are experts in their fields of Child development, Psychology, and Psychiatry discussed how a foundation surveyed kids to better understand why they play games and how they affect them. The survey showed some really valid points to the benefits of video games. For example, “‘To relax’ was chosen as a reason to play by the majority of boys and close to half of girls. ‘To get my anger out’; was selected by 45% of boys and 29% of girls; 25% of boys and 11% of girls said that they played to ‘cope with anger.’ Violent video games might provide a safe outlet for aggressive and angry feelings”. The kids that were surveyed also said that they would play these games after having a really tough day at school and it would help relieve the stress. Everybody has some kind of outlet they use to relieve stress and anxiety even young people. I’ve personally used video games to relieve stress. When I 'm having a bad or just am really angry about something I can go play a game and it takes my mind off of it and then I start to calm down and feel one hundred times
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