Benefits Of Vaccines

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Vaccines: The Risks and Benefits
Vaccines have been the topic of many debates and have made many people around the world question whether they are safe to use or just another danger to health. People choose to use vaccines for the welfare of their loved ones but others believe that the risk is more than not using vaccines at all. These immunization shots have various uses regarding our health but are also avoided by a select few because of the number of flaws that are seen. The differing views of vaccines have allot to do with perspective and reasoning.
Vaccines are injections that introduce a dead microbe of a disease. When the microbe is introduced, the immune system is aware of the sickness. The immune system then becomes virtually
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Moreover, immunization shots can cause what is referred to as “herd immunity”, which means that if there a huge population that uses vaccines, a person that is not vaccinated runs a lesser risk of being infected with a disease. This is because diseases may not be present anymore because they were dealt with. Vaccination techniques have been present since 1000 AD, used by the Chinese. Chinese buddhist were said to drink snake venom in hopes of becoming immune to their poison. Although vaccines have been around for many years, they were never really promoted in the U.S. until a smallpox outbreak, in 1721, made Cotton Mather encourage them.The vaccination that we know today though, was created by Edward Jenner who experimented with cowpox, which is similar to smallpox, and used it to vaccinate a child. Smallpox was slowly eliminated and the vaccine created by Jenner was constantly improved. With the growth of vaccines many societies that found them to be dangerous emerged. Since early days, vaccines have been hated on by a select few including groups like “The Anti-Vaccination Society of America” or “National…show more content…
Vaccines work very well to prevent a large shelf of viruses and diseases. There is some cases though, where vaccines are not enough protection. Even then, a person who has immunized will have the disease in a lesser level, which means that the disease will be less effective on the host. These immunization shots can make a difference in a person's life but the risk may seem too much for others. These people decide to avoid them, but the decision is of the beholder and not much can be done in some countries because of their

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