Benefits Of Utopian Socialism

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Socialists, Capitalists, Keynesians…Oh My! Since the origin of supply and demand mankind has done its best to harness the unpredictable tendencies of the economy. To this day it is still a process of trial and error in deciding which economic system works best for the world’s economy. Socialism, capitalism and Keynesian economics are all philosophies that show promise on paper and have been put to the test across the world. Although there are benefits to each one of these systems, they all seem to fall short when met with reality.
Socialism is both a political and economic philosophy that promotes community sharing of the benefits realized from the production, distribution, and exchange of goods and services thereby promoting a classless nation. According to journalist Alia Hoyt of World Socialism, government control of the distribution and production of goods is key to the socialist ideal of a competition free society. In order for a classless and equal society to be effective everyone in the society must work in order to receive corresponding pay, healthcare, security,
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A pillar of Utopian Socialism was France following the French Revolution. According to French philosopher Charles Fourier had strong socialist ideals that made a great impact on the French nation. These ideals were rooted in his observations of the constant strive for equality which ended in dissipated thrones and ruined property laws. He found Enlightenment to be a coercion that would push Europe toward barbarism and therefore advocated for a society without classes. He believed if people were equally rewarded the quarrels and oppression would end. Riding on Fourier’s ethics, France is still a socialist society in which production and exchange stand to benefit the people as a

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