Benefits Of Throwaway Society

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“Throwaway Society” is defined as a modern and developed society where people tend to readily discard products which are still productive in favor of upgraded models and “is a society full of excessive consumption and waste of food , products etc.” (Collins Dictionary 2012) Acquiring innovative models of products ensures more efficiency, technological advancement and ergonomically integrated into people’s lives; though this tendency to discard ‘old’ products has its own consequences. The outlook of this essay is to discuss the benefits and hindrances of acquiring the latest model of consumer products. Firstly of all, acquiring new products ensures development and technological advancement, through research. The manufacturing or production process refines designs and development to produce consumer products which are more ‘intelligent’ and convenient for people. For instance, the range of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones have become more sophisticated and integrated to the lives of people and as said, it is “Designed for humans, it goes beyond smart and fulfills your needs by thinking as you think, acting as you act” (Samsung 2012) Furthermore, another benefit is that the new products enhance communication and transportation at a global scale. In the past, communication and transportation were a major issue causing lag in businesses and individual affairs. Through constant development of new products, people are able to communicate through the touch of a screen and information is readily available at the tips of fingers. “We live in a society built upon convenience” (Gerlach B. 2010), and it is becoming more convenient by the day with new age technology. These have improved transportation as well. Automotive companies have used cons... ... middle of paper ... about many products that are produced these days is that they are not made to last for a long time, and this only encourages the throwaway society to keep throwing things away” (Rees G. 2009). As pointed out, these products are not very reliable and this is a major drawback concerning newer models. In conclusion, the throwaway society exists everywhere, whether it is an urban or rural area. Though the situation may not necessarily be relevant to all communities and may differ otherwise. The throwaway mentality and ignorance of people tend to increase the impact and consequences of the throwaway society. A blind eye should not be turned on this issue; rather the issue should be addressed and resolved. The only way to curb this issue is not to contribute towards it. Unless these steps are taken, the “throwaway” will continue to have its impacts and consequences.
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