Benefits Of The Myers Briggs Personality Assessment

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How many of you remember what the Myers-Briggs personality assessment is? (pause) It was one of the assessments we took back in September as part of this class. The results of the assessment are 4 letters that explain parts of your personality. How many of you remember what your personality type is? Today, I am going to give you an overview of the specific types and the benefits of understanding your own type. According to the official Myers-brigs website, published by CPPinc. 2016, Swiss psychologist Carl Jung first developed the idea of personality types. Katherine Brigs and Isabel Myers further honed his research by creating the Myers-Brigs Type Indicator assessment. Although this personality assessment can never fully explain…show more content…
And by allowing us to understand the ways we are alike and different, it helps us to value our differences, but to celebrate them as well.” In other words, we can use the assessment to better understand ourselves. There are a few things about me that I thought were peculiar a few months ago…before I took my first assessment. I find it hard to brainstorm and come of with original ideas, especially for essays. Sarcastic jokes are never funny to me and I sometimes annoy my friends when I won’t relax until I have completed my…show more content…
I don’t know about you, but for me choosing a college degree and a career is extremely daunting. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on college and then figure out later the job doesn’t quite fit me. The Myers-Brigs personality assessment can be very helpful in narrowing down your career options. Today, I’ll show you an example of this by using my personality type. The book What’s My Type of Career, printed in 2010, by PhD Donna Dunning and award winning phycologist, author, and a member of the Myers-brigs training faculty. In her book, she states that by using your type, you can figure out in what environment you prefer to work in. This can help you narrow down career choices. I am a feeler and this part of my personality really attracts me to a job that I could work with people. A lot of ISFJs work in the medical field and I am considering becoming a nurse. My type didn’t define who I am or what job I should take, but it has helped me understand who I am, how I work with people and what jobs may fit my personality better than
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