Benefits Of Teaching: Teaching Is A Purpose Of Education

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Teaching is a very multifaceted, complex ministry. Waking up early and going to bed late, spending countless personal hours and dollars, and often times forsaking persona pleasures for the benefit of strangers’ children is a calling. There are so many areas of focus that must be kept carefully balanced and controlled in order to maintain order. Teaching is not just a job –if a teacher isn’t good at their job, they don’t just get fired; if a teacher isn’t good at their job, countless children suffer. Teaching is a ministry; teaching is a calling; teaching is a love. Engaging students n their own learning through active inquiry will ultimately lead to true learning, and that is the real purpose of education. Benefits of an inquiry-based approach: even if students are inquiring on subjects that are extensively known about, the information that students gather and the understandings they gain will be completely unique to them and the way they relate information to their own lives; when students are engaged in their own active learning, they become invested in the material and…show more content…
Students must feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with their peers; the teacher should promote growth and a positive learning environment. Classrooms that engage learning through teaching aids and technologies will be the most beneficial for students. Teachers who facilitate learning, who do not act as The Sage on a stage, but as The Guide on the side, an allow children to grow, explore and learn, are most beneficial to students. A safe learning environment is one in which children are given enough freedom and encouragement to grow into the people they’re meant to be, while receiving enough structure and support to feel confident in the strides they take. People not only children, learn best when they feel accepted for their differences and don’t feel belittled for their

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