Benefits Of Teaching English Essay

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TEFL Certificate Abroad
Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a fantastic way to live and work abroad while immersing yourself in a completely new culture. There is no better way and no better time to start!
Our TEFL courses leave you with all of the skills needed to find employment abroad and to deliver effective and engaging English lessons. We are professional and fun!
TEFL courses
So, what is on the course? Our internationally recognised TEFL certificates are highly regarded and trusted within the TEFL industry by schools and institutions, so your qualification will excel you into the world of work with ease.
We offer a 120 hours teaching study in our state of the art classrooms equipped with computers, English books, resources and with full support of a trainer and mentor. You will
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Learn the methods needed to teach all speakers of foreign languages. From early years, right-up until adults we are able to demonstrate and resource you with everything you need.

Our Summary
Teach, travel, work and live abroad. Teaching English with us is a great way to live
With over 1 billion people learning English as a foreign language worldwide. TEFL teachers are in GREAT demand.
This demand for teaching English is growing worldwide and it has never been a more important time to gain a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate.
Our TEFL Certificate will ensure that you are suitably qualified and skilled to work as a teacher of English anywhere in the world
A 120 hours TEFL/ course with 6 hours teaching practicum course
Accommodation can be arranged for the duration of the course
We host real teaching opportunities with real students
Access to the Student lounge with state of the art computers and equipment
Unlimited support to find your first job– there are hundreds of jobs ready for your applications
Airport transfer
Visa assistance
End of course evaluation and accredited
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