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Yes, that 's right. I have discovered the way to achieve a perfect cup of coffee, every single time. Not just coffee, either; I can make a lovely hot chocolate, a tasty cappuccino, bold espresso, a fabulous cup of tea, and so the list goes. So how do I make these delicious drinks? I use my brand new Tassimo, of course. The Tassimo is a coffee making system manufactured by Braun. Tassimo 's claim to fame is that it has the ability to brew one beverage at a time, in about a minute, with virtually no mess. You see, Tassimo uses something called T-discs. These T-discs contain precise amounts of coffee, tea, chocolate, or milk, and are sealed to maintain flavor and freshness. The T-disc is inserted into the machine, which reads a barcode printed…show more content…
Press the button, and your drink begins to brew. All brewing actually occurs right inside the T-disc. What does this mean for you? There will be no clean up required! I have found that there are several benefits to using the Tassimo. For one, the beverages are high quality and delicious. There are a wide variety of beverages available, as well, including many types of coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, teas, and hot chocolates. The cappuccinos and lattes actually contain real milk! Another real benefit is the convenience of making only one cup of coffee at a time. As I live alone, it makes much more sense this way; I never drank a whole pot of coffee alone! Everyone will love the fact that Tassimo involves basically no clean up whatsoever. It doesn 't take up very much counter space at all, and it is compatible with virtually any size coffee cup/mug/travel cup. I purchased my Tassimo at Bed Bath and Beyond for $169.00. It is also sold at stores such as Macy 's and Best Buy. T-discs are available at the same…show more content…
Of course, that 's the new American way of the greedy. Turn 'em upside down until all of their change falls out on the ground. Thinking with your head, instead of just using your hand to grab a credit card, that solves all problems for the moment, means slow down and ponder reality. Ask yourself: Why have I been lured to buy throw away paper coffee filters, that will require buying more filters, a few days or weeks down the road? In fact, the metal coffee filters, included in coffee pots of the past, outlasted the life of the coffee maker itself. In addition, the metal filters often outlast the buyer. The first sly change was offering plastic filters, instead of metal filters. This slight modification at least gave a filter a possible chance to tear before the coffee maker burned out. Yet it is doubtful the change to plastic filters offered any realistic hopes of a coffee filter salesman getting rich. Then of course, you already know the solution. Let 's sell them filters that are only good for one to three pots of coffee. Right? So now we are waking up to the theme of the greedy. Correct? Naturally a remedy is to make sure any future coffee maker purchases have a permanent filter included. Another alternative is to buy an old fashioned coffee maker at a thrift store. (Isn 't it amazing how many people assume prettier modern made coffee makers make better coffee)? At this point in time, after the above
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