Benefits Of Sustainable Energy In Kurdistan

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Sustainable energy is energy that can possibly be kept up well into the future without causing harmful impacts for future generations. A reliable source of energy is vital to all parts of modern life. Running out of the fossil fuel resources and climate change warning owing to harnessing sustainable energy at a very huge rate. This essay will demonstrate that in spite of some disadvantages of developing sustainable energy sources in Kurdistan, it can be argued that the Kurdistan Regional Government should harness sustainable energy. Lack of new technology and expert people with no doubt would be a problem to utilizing sustainable energy in Kurdistan. However, Kurdistan Regional Government can solve this problem without difficulty because Kurdistan has a good income generated from exporting oils and gas sector, so Kurdistan has enough money to develop experience and to get new technology from other countries in order to investing sustainable energy. Furthermore KRG (Kurdistan regional government) can allocation of budget for this, they can provide education courses to t...

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