Benefits Of Space Exploration Essay

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Space Exploration is beneficial to Society Why humans are curious about the space? For a long time, humanity’s interest in the heavens remained unchanged. People are driven to explore unknown and discover the new worlds at all the times, but lack of knowledge and technology kept limiting them from the exploration. Nowadays, as the technology improves, humans became more tangible to take a step to the new world and challenge the undiscovered world. Space, is the place where humans don’t know much about, and to resolve the curiosity, many notable scientists are studying about the space exploration. If the resolution of the curiosity is the only reason for the exploration, we can’t say that it is beneficial to society. However, from the process…show more content…
A serious disease might lead people to the death, natural disasters possibly will occur, or end of earth might come without any warning and take innocent people’s lives away. Regardless of this fact, there are still many people arguing that the space exploration is waste of money. Actually, the amount of money on the national budget always looks huge, but it is not really huge compared to other areas that the money was used. Furthermore, I believe that investing money on space exploration is same as people buying insurance. If space exploration succeeds, humans will doubtless find a new planet to live on and become safe, and investing money on space exploration will just turn out to be the preparation for unclear future. In many cases, people should think about the whole first, but not the individuals, in order to benefit everyone in the society. If they use most of the money to help the poor people, but not use any money to prepare for future, people would suffer from the devastation at the end. For this reason, humans must use money on space exploration. Space exploration definitely will become the permanent aid and benefit the…show more content…
Those data not only can let humans expand the knowledge of astronomy, it could help people to understand more about their lovely home, the earth. Humans would be able to detect the natural disasters like earthquake or tsunami earlier and reduce the damage. Additionally, if humans find out the new living things on the other planet, people would have more diverse perspective, which could lead to innovation and invention of new devices, and improve the quality of humans’ life. They might contact with the aliens and create a new history too. Supplementary, more people will find job more easily since they are skilled and educated. Space exploration benefits education in many ways and education benefits the society. Space exploration would make a nation more powerful and stronger since space exploration allows the nation to expand their territory. During the process of space exploration, a new planet which is able for people to live on would probably be found. Naturally, many other countries would invest money to the nation which found the planet, so that they could have place to live on in the future. Those money could then be used to help the poor people or in many other ways to benefit the society. The nation would then turn out to be powerful, lead the space exploration and benefit their

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