Benefits Of Social Bot

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Social Bot What is a social bot? To put it plain and simple a social bot is a piece of software that is designed to appear human that will interact with people on social networks or a web site. For a successful social bot to perform users need to think that they are interacting with an actual human. A social bot will typically provide short simple information and determine if it needs to be redirected to an actual support personnel. The biggest concern many users have with social bots is the question whether or not they are ethical to use (Socialbot, n.d.). Social Bot Benefits The benefits of using a social bot can save a company money. Social bots can provide answers to simple questions such as a customer inquiring about the balance of an account or the price of an item. This is information that is pulled from a database which is a task that the social bot can easily determine from a simple…show more content…
Under the utilitarianism theory, the right course of action is to pro-mote the general overall good known as a utility. It also clarifies what a right course of action is by stating that it is an action where all parties involved are presented with a utility. When you present the use of a social bot , in my opinion it fits the definition of a utility (Spinello, 2014). To prove that the use of the social bot can be described as a utility under utilitarianism theory we need to determine all of the parties involved in the encounter. Obviously you have the person that will be interacting with the social bot, this will be the actual human. The other party involved would be us, the rapidly growing widiget manufacturing company. You can also include a third party, the social media site we are using if we are not solely deploying it on our web
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