Benefits Of Single-Sex Education

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Can Single-Sex Education Be Beneficial?
Although it is against the law by title IX, scientific research and expert opinion suggests that single sex education is more beneficial for both males and females. Single-sex is an old theory that is quickly gaining more attention (Stanberry). The National Association for Single-Sex Public Education project that there are around 400 public schools now providing some form of single-sex education (Stanberry). A push for single-sex education is recent experiments concluding natural discrepancies in how males and females learn in different educational environments. The only downside to putting these experiments into a real-world scenarios is that they are firing up many debates that broaden far beyond pure education (Stanberry). There are many ups and downs of a single-sex education, but the conclusions of positive experiments by many more schools highly outweigh the negative conclusions of fewer schools who did not achieve higher scores.
The earliest single-sex schools in America were modeled off of schools in England and were exclusively for white, wealthy, Christian boys. Although it is illegal for a school to be single sex, many schools today present single-sex class opportunities. But the scientific research shows that males and females concentrate harder and perform better when separated into single-sex classes.
For many different reasons, several separate schools have begun to test the effects of single sex education in public schools (Pollard). In recent years, coeducational classes were believed to be an important aspect of k-12 education environments. Even as late as the 60s and the beginning of the 70s in areas of the US, boys and girls were put into different classes each day (Po...

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...mathematical skills because they are not surrounded by boys who are claimed to “dominate the classroom”(Hyde). Some who say single-sex education is ineffective and/or undesirable make many different claims such as Students in single-sex classrooms will eventually live and work with the other sex. Teaching students in single-sex schools limit their chances to work together and co-exist successfully with the opposite sex (Stanberry). In other words there are several different, logical arguments against the idea of single-sex education.
There are so many pros and cons of single sex education. Even though it is illegal to have a single sex school, single-sex courses have been presented to students willing to volunteer to take them. A few critics make some very good arguments against the theory but this is a case where the benefits simply outweigh the disadvantages.
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