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In summer 2005, my mother decided to take my siblings and I on vacation. "We’re going to Mexico!” She said. My siblings and I felt ecstatic because it was our first time visiting Mexico. Unfortunately, my vacation didn 't turn out as great as expected. I witnessed an awful situation the time I was there. One night, my cousins and I were playing loteria at my grandmother 's house. Loteria is the Hispanic version of bingo. We were having a great time until we heard loud noises outside. My cousin and I went outside to see what the whole fuss was about. We saw a group of gang bangers fighting in the middle of the street. Punches were thrown left and right, but eventually one of the gang bangers brought out a knife. He slit one their throats and…show more content…
As a Clinical psychologist, since you are diagnosing and treating patients you’re always going to come across new information about mental disorders throughout your career. You can learn new information about depression and addiction, or you can figure out new ways to help people with learning disabilities. Also, you experience how people’s behavior can change in a weekly basis whether it is in a drastic way, or as progress. The beauty of the psychology field is there is always more to unfold. Doctor Elizabeth Gil, who is a psychologist for both Marriage Counseling and Psychotherapy agrees by saying, “You never know what to expect in this field. There is always something new to learn, but it has sharpen my skills, so I can deal with whatever comes at me. I’ll know what to do. That is the benefit of working here. There is always possibilities to better yourself as a psychologist, so you can give your patients the best treatment.” Therefore, clinical psychologists are helpful…show more content…
Though the salary of a Clinical psychologist varies depending on the state you’re employed in. For Californian Clinical psychologists the yearly salary is $82,110. Clinical psychologists throughout the nation make $101, 270 or more yearly. And employment of clinical psychologists is projected to grow 20% much faster than the average for all occupations starting 2014 to 2024. Also, another financial benefit of working as a Clinical Psychologist is there is possibilities of applying for a loan repayment. A loan repayment is a contract when you work for the state and they pay part of your student loans. Dr. Gil herself has a loan repayment. She says, “I lucked out because interests were low and my current job helped for a loan repayment. I work for the Los Angeles County and they’re paying my loan. It’s great because doctorate degree loans are no joke.” Of course, in order to become successful in this field, you must have the skills set to become a Clinical Psychologist. The following skill sets require Active Listening, Social Perceptiveness, Complex Problem Solver, Critical Thinking, and Speaking skills to be a great psychologist. By being an Active Listener, you are giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, not interrupting the patient at inappropriate times, and asking the right questions. By having Social Perceptiveness, you

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