Benefits Of Parent Communication Among Parents And Teachers

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• The first theme identifies the numerous benefits of parent communication as it is expressed in various pieces of literature, and fostering further belief that without communication there will not be a lasting partnership between parents and teachers. • The next theme presents guidelines for what effective communication looks like as well as its intended goals to keep parents, teachers, and all stakeholders involved in student 's academic achievements. • The final theme focuses on using a website as tool to provide regular, real time collaborations between parents and teachers. For the purpose of this action research project, I have chosen Weebly for Educators as my website platform to help determine how a classroom website facilitates parent communication with teachers related to student 's academic progress and personal growth in school. B. Benefits of Parent Communication Now more than ever, people have the ability to connect with each other through multiple devices and technologies. There is Face book, instant messaging, emails, texts, video chats, and Google collaborations; all connected through computers, tablets, phone, and laptops. Yet, consistent communication between parents and teachers has never been more difficult. Although technology has presented us with the means in which to connect easier and more frequently; demands on time, work schedules, transportation, and single parent families still struggle to communicate with their child 's teachers. All too often, traditional means of communicating with parents is ineffective (Mitchell, Foulger, & Wetzel, 2009, p.46). Notes are lost or never leave the classroom, phone calls are left unanswered, and parents simply cannot make it to the scheduled parent teacher... ... middle of paper ... ...n teachers and schools will experience from the communities that surrounds them. Today, barriers to communication still exist; traditional methods of communicating with parents and community no longer have the same effectiveness. It is the responsibility of the teachers and schools to help break down those barriers and misconceptions that still exist with many families. Barriers to successful communications include: feelings of inadequacy, failure, poor self-worth, as well as personal negative experience in school. (Liontos, 1991, p. 3) However, through clearly identified goals and resources, the negative impressions many families have grown to believe can be systematically taken apart. Knowledge is power, and when parents feel part of the learning community, they experience a self-worth and appreciation for the educational process their child experience every day.

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