Benefits Of Music Essay

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The Arts program has helped teach kids from all around the world about music and responsibility. Many Americans do not see the importance of learning music, which causes many citizens to not support it. Therefore, the Arts program is barely funded, but it stills finds a way to support and help kids learn why music is important. After learning the background of music many kids find that they enjoy classical music so they decide to learn how to play an instrument. With playing an instrument comes many skills. These skills bring about benefits that help kids in the future. Some of the benefits to playing music are the following: it helps math skills, sharpens concentration skills, and boosts listening skills. With these skills, many children grow up to be smart adults with interesting information to offer the world. One of the many benefits that playing music at a young age offers is it helps math skills. While learning to play music the student will go over what is called rhythms. Rhythms are a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. In order to play music the student ...
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