Benefits Of Moral Philosophy

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“Moral Philosophy is the rational study of the meaning and justification of moral claims. A ‘moral claim’ evaluates the rightness or wrongness of an action or a person’s character”, For example, “stealing is wrong” claims that the act of stealing is wrong, while “people should not be dishonest” claims a character trait (i.e. dishonesty) is wrong. (Gert and Gert)
“Descriptively, morality refers to certain codes of conduct put forward by a society or a group (such as a religion) or accepted by an individual for his/her own behavior. Normatively, it refers to a code of conduct that, given specified conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons.” (“What Is Moral Philosophy?”).

For Centuries, Moral Philosophy was studied by many of
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These benefits include, but are not limited to; an opportunity to develop/improve an individual’s ability to reason, think logically, analyze and solve problems, critically assess arguments (points of view) and increase one’s ability to speak and write clearly. Furthermore, the study of morality helps us to better understand the distinction between what is right and wrong; good and bad. It sparks a type of curiosity that will evoke questions such as “what makes one action right, and another wrong?” “how should I live and treat others?” and “If I believe that something is morally right or wrong, does it mean that everyone else believes that it’s right or wrong?”. These and many other fundamental questions are presented in studies of morality. It is of great importance to have a clear view of both right and wrong, to determine which actions we should encourage (promote), and which ones we should try to prevent or dissuade. In my opinion, I believe that it would be a wise choice for individuals at all levels to study moral philosophy. Moral philosophy (ethics), helps to re-shape our character without prejudice, it makes us aware of our moral responsibilities, it allows us to understand our moral identities, and overall, it is beneficial to harmony within…show more content…
It allows to free our minds of the prejudices that were constructed through our experiences and upbringing. “The man who has no tincture of philosophy goes through life imprisoned on the prejudices derived from common sense, from the habitual beliefs of his age or his nation, and from convictions which have grown up in his mind without the cooperation or consent of his deliberate reason. To such a man the world tends to become definite, finite, obvious; common objects rouse no questions, and unfamiliar possibilities are contemptuously rejected” (Russell 91). Moral Philosophy can provide a sense of liberation as it relates to the way we think and see the world. It forces us to evaluate what we believe and why we believe them. Moreover, it causes us to look introspectively and question old ways of
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