Benefits Of Male Mate Choice

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Mate choice is the process whereby a member of one sex in the species, in this case males, display certain behaviours which make them more likely to be chosen to mate with over other males by a female member of that species (Halliday, 1983). Some behaviours which may be displayed by males include courtship behaviours, brightly coloured plumage and long tail feathers. In this essay, it will be discussed how female mate choice benefits the female of the species in terms of reproduction as well as how elaborate male ornamental traits can be costly to survival. To finish, the occurrence of male mate choice will be examined.
The process of a female choosing which males she wants to mate with has many benefits for that particular female. For example, when several males display ornamental structures such
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Greater parental investment by females includes, the production of offspring and large, expensive eggs. However, although female mate choice is generally more common it has been seen in some species that males have greater parental investment compared to the females. In extreme cases of males displaying greater parental investment there is a sex role reversal and male mate choice occurs. In addition to this, male mate choice can also occur in situations when the variation in female mate quality is significantly large. Variation in female mate quality refers to the differing body sizes and phenotype traits of females which display the ability of a female to produce an abundance of offspring. Another phenotypic trait assessed by males is abdomen width which indicates the number of mature eggs a particular female is carrying. Therefore, males will choose a female based on how well the female will produce their offspring if they chose to mate with them (Bonduriansky,

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