Benefits Of Legalization Of Drugs

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The benefits of the legalization of drugs outweigh the negatives.
A drug is any substance that affects the structure or function of the body when ingested. (Eitzen 312) One reason drugs are illegal and/or their consumption is monitored, is because some can be addictive or habit forming. The misuse of drugs like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and prescription drugs has created major problems in many communities across the United States and the world. Other drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and marijuana can cause different types of issues. Although all of these drugs are considered dangerous some drugs can be beneficial when used in a medicinal way. Drug prohibition has been an issue across the globe that has led to organized crime and many deaths. While legalization is not a perfect solution it would take the supply out of the hands of dangerous individuals, something the war on drugs has not been able to do. By legalizing suitable and reasonable regulations, we will be able to educate our children on proper drug use; instead of the, “all drugs are bad”, or the “Just Say No!” approaches that clearly have not been successful.
Before the 1900’s there were no drug criminals because there were no drug laws. In fact, in late nineteenth century America it was possible to buy, in a store or by mail order, many medicines (or alleged medicines) containing morphine, cocaine, and heroin. ("Drugs—A Long and Varied History.”4) Opiates have a history of treating aliments such as headaches, epilepsy, asthma, cold symptoms, pain and sleeplessness. Cocaine was used as a numbing agent. Different hallucinogens were used in psychotherapy treatments. Cannabis was used as an anesthetic, antispasmodic, antidepressant, appetite stimulant, anti-asthmatic, and ...

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...roduction of drugs would make the end product safer and potentially more pure. Knowing what was used in the production of the drug would potentially prevent a reaction to an unknown substance. A dose of heroin would come with clean needles, keeping most users from sharing needles, which would help prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens. People that want help for addiction would be more likely to ask for help because there would be no fear of being prosecuted and put in jail. Decriminalization would also lower the populations in prisons and save those institutions for the real criminals.
Prohibition did not work with alcohol and it is not working with drugs. We as a country need to come up with better solution legalization and regulating all drugs would be beneficial all around. Money spent on battling the war on drugs could be used in far more beneficial ways.

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