Benefits Of Healthy Diet

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1. Balanced diet. Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and strong. My interest in the topic is to make sure children under 5’s eat varied of a balanced diet. I want to explore more about the balanced diet of the under5’s old to make sure their diet meets high energy and nutrient needs. This is to avoid poor nutritional in childhood, which could lead to all sorts of problems later in life, such as an increased risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease, breathe problem and asthma. Adults or practitioners caring for children under 5’s need to clearly understand what a healthy diet is about and encourage children to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. In doing this, practitioners can learn more…show more content…
This is because protein is important during childhood and help children 's growth, having healthy bone and brain development. This would be influenced to the practitioner to help keep children 's energy levels consistent most especially if are there children in school who are a fussy eater. 4.Benefit of healthy eating The benefit of healthy eating was interested in me to research on because healthy eating is vital for proper growth and development in childhood. However, I would like to explore more on the benefit of healthy eating and what it gives to our body. For example, how healthy eating keeps our body, smooth and prevents it from diseases such as cancer, arthritis, depression, and diabetes. The benefit of healthy eating needs to research on to promote as well as boost children 's chances of long life. Practitioners need to encourage varied diet such as fruit and vegetables, which are particularly important for good health. They also need to recognise that the more children are confident with healthy eating the more independent they would be and physically…show more content…
This will help children 's have the right vitamins and minerals in their diet and help them grow and develop optimally. 5. Promoting the well-being of the child. At two, most children have low levels of well-being. This has the severe impact on their childhood and life chances, as well as on the families and communities around them. By researching in this area, I will be able to explore on how a healthy relationship with food can promote a positive attitude in the long-run for children and enjoy a varied diet. When practitioners are aware of what the child 's diet has and their needs. I feel they will able to manage this diet when supporting these young children. Task 4. EYFS are one of the professional bodies which regulate research relevant to my area of investigation. Their aims are to promote nutritious eating among children through policies, practices and supportive environments. This will help children to develop confidence as well as to feel good about the food under 5s year old
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