Benefits Of Electronic Use For Yourself

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After I 've noticed more of this generation using electronics for simple issues, I 've wondered to myself, "What 's with this generation using electronics more than usual? I 've done mostly everything by hand when I was their age.". Then, the answer popped into my head; it 's not the generation, it 's the electronics. We 're living in a society where the electronics that we use today are making us lose touch with ourselves. Limiting the amount of electronic use for myself is necessary because it helps me bring out the other side of me that always stays hidden. I plan to reduce electronic use for myself, so I can still interact face-to-face. As a kid growing up in the 90s, normal social interaction for me would have been more face-to-face interaction. I would have been hanging out at friend’s house after school or simply talk with them at school during lunch. I considered these moments to be more enjoyable. Then everything changed when I was in the eighth grade, every time that I had gone to my friend Juan’s house, he wouldn’t come outside anymore; he would say he’s busy with something, even though all he did now was just be inside and play video games. The games would range from a typical platformer like Super Mario to a typical FPS (first-person shooter) like Call of Duty. A few days later, most of my other friends started doing the same thing. I would still see them everywhere else, but now they’re busy doing that. A year later, I was doing it as well. I didn’t notice the change until my other friends started asking me about it and when my grades were dropping. After they’ve asked me, I asked myself, “What just happened? Did I actually change?”. I thought they were trying to pull a fast one on me, but I’d realized it in my mat... ... middle of paper ... ... listen to them or get exercise, I would let them take up my game console and my phone for the rest of the week. Now, I help my parents with anything and get exercise a bit each day. I plan to exercise more, and put the down the electronics for a while and longer. I must learn how not to depend on electronics as much. Each time that I use technology seems like it’s the easy way out, but ends up being the lazy way out. I’ve become one of the people that use technology for granted. I’ve lost most of my interaction skills in the process. Excessive electronic use has caused me to express less emotion and less empathy. Technology is causing myself and others to have shorter attention spans. I became more obese due to myself using technology more, instead of getting exercise. I know that it may be difficult at first, but I know I can pull through this, one step at a time.
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